This is a collection of code I've developed for my own edification and amusement. It is all freely available for personal, non-commercial, non-governmental use. In the unlikely circumstance that anyone would like to use any of these examples in other environments, contact me to discuss licensing.

Message Broker

An example of using the Chain of Responsibility pattern to implement a message broker, with implementations in both Java and Common Lisp.

GA Engine

A genetic algorithm engine written in Common Lisp. This is derived from my solution to the Steiner Problem.

Steiner Problem

A solution to the Steiner Problem posed by Dave Thomas on The Panda's Thumb .

Dawkins' Weasel

The genetic algorithm engine applied to Richard Dawkins' "weasel" program.

More on Dawkins' Weasel

A direct translation of Richard Dawkins' "weasel" algorithm in C.

Jini and JavaSpaces

A simple demonstration of how to write a well-behaved Jini service that uses a JavaSpace.

Jini Lookup Utilities

Some utilities for locating services in Jini based distributed systems.